Friday, March 11, 2011

February Birthdays

February is always fun because Casey and I share such close birthdays. We always enjoy all the freebies that restaurants offer, and this year took advantage of: Benihana, Rubios, and Souper Salad. The day of Casey's birthday, I had to babysit, and Maddie was mega sick. Like, the sickest she's ever been. I managed to get over to the house and make his crepes for breakfast, then took both kiddos with me to the doctor. Turned out that Mads had RSV, a double ear infection and a temp of 101. Casey tended to her all day until I got home around 4pm. I then attempted to make his birthday dinner and cake all while trying to comfort my sickly child who only wanted to be held. It was stressful, and I felt bad that Casey took second on his birthday, but he's a good dad.
My birthday was less stressful, and we enjoyed Panda Express at home. Casey made me a strawberry cake with purple frosting. It looked like an Abbey Cadabby cake, and Maddie still talks about it; it was yummy of course.
I now look forward to Maddie's birthday where I can go all out, or at least as far as our budget will take us.

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