Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maddie Ramblings

Little Miss Maddie will be 3 soon, and I need to reflect on her 2 year old self for a while.

We've been on and off potty training for about 6 months now, but it's just not coming along. I was really worried she wouldn't be trained by 3, but I honestly don't care at this point. I've realized I'm much too lazy to take her to sit on the toilet every 30 minutes, and I doubt she'd cooperate with me anyways.

She does make trips to the bathroom every 30 minutes to get her band-aid fix though. Seriously, this kid is obsessed. I had bought some Hello Kitty ones for her and quickly found that those were far too expensive for her usage.

She loves playing outside in the garden, and the other day while picking spinach, I found a little caterpillar. She quickly took a liking to him, and 3 days later he's still living in a jar in her room. His name is Woggy. She often makes up words, and this name was one of them. As well as her Barbie horse named Fance Fance.

She is long done with naps, and we're okay with that because if she does nap, she's up till midnight in our bed. We often have to keep her awake in the car if it's after 4pm or she'll quickly drift off. Otherwise, she will usually go down between 7:30-8:00, but not without a miserable fight.

She loves to play computer games every chance we let her, and she now can navigate around the page well enough that if she doesn't understand or like a game, she can find another. It's a wonderful time for me to get some laundry folded, or more often, rest on the bed next to her.

The last two pics on here show her sense of style. I used to get quite peeved that she wouldn't wear the cute clothes people bought for her, and we would very often (very often) get in fights over getting dressed. I've learned this battle is one I'm okay with losing, and I actually am quite fond of her crazy attire each day. I am not fond of her not being able (or willing) to dress herself, because she does about 5 wardrobe changes a day.

She's super smart and loves asking all kinds of questions to figure out the world. We watched Bambi the other day, and she was quite focused on why Bambi's voice was different when he got bigger. I tried to explain that when we get older our voices change. She just wouldn't believe me that her voice was going to change someday. She also wanted to know why Bambi's mom died, and I told her that people eat meat, so they hunt animals. I then told her that we eat cows and chickens and pigs (hoping I wasn't scaring her away from eating meat). But she listened and seemed to understand and just said, "Oh." At this rate, I need to make sure I'm well read and know a lot about the world, because she's definitely going to be one who will ask me.


Beka said...

such a cute girl:) so smart and inquisitive Jessie- i loved reading her little questions:) i attempted potty training while i was prego and gave up- too tired, etc, but the motivation came when i had 3 in diapers...some say 3 is the magic potty training age- so you still have a little time:)

Christie said...

She is one smart cookie. And so cute. I love her sense of style. Can you believe you are going to have a 3 year old soon?! Time just goes too fast.

Kachelle said...

so cute! don't worry at all about the potty training! it's not worth it to force it. she'll come around. or you could let her hang outside nude,then no diapers and no cleaning up accidents!!!!