Friday, May 28, 2010

May Book

So I'm embarrassed to admit that I had no clue that Agatha Christie was a mystery writer. I've heard her name a lot, but in my mind I assumed she wrote of the hardships of prairie life. (I have no idea where this idea came into my mind; I think the name Agatha threw me). So when I typed in "best mystery novels" in google, I was surprised to see her name EVERYWHERE. I went to the library and chose this book at random; Five Little Pigs. It's a story of a detective trying to solve a 20 year old murder mystery. He interviews the 5 people who were there when the murder occurred. It was a fun read; reminded me of my Mary Higgins Clark days. Gotta love mystery.

Next month I'm going to attempt to read a horror. I've read Dracula, Frankenstein, Hyde and Jekyll and the Invisible Man. I don't know if those are considered horror, but I'm going to attempt something a little more modern. Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House is my current choice, so if you'd like to read along, please feel free.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maddie's 2!

Today is Maddie's birthday. We've enjoyed her cuteness for two years now; it's so hard to believe. Last night we celebrated with family and had such a fun time. Maddie loves everyone in our family and was so excited to have them all in one place just for her entertainment. We had a Madeline themed party (Mom's choice) complete with balloons, goodie bags and a Madeline dress. Maddie was spoiled with merchandise from the Disney Store, art supplies, cute clothes, movies and lots of new toys.
Now to end with praises to my daughter, who truly is the cutest and smartest two year old I know. I'm so proud of the sweet enjoyable girl she has become. She gives out hugs and kisses on demand, loves to get dressed in girly attire, eats Rice Crispies any chance she gets, free falls into our arms, dances and sings with her crazy parents and is all I could ask for in a child. Happy Birthday Maddie!