Friday, October 24, 2008

Maddie's Favorite Toys

Maddie LOVES her teddy bear that Grandpa gave her and her Madeline doll that Aunt Tasha gave her. Even when she's sad and fussy, I'll lay her in her crib and whip out the dolls. She gets so excited and reaches her little arms for them so she can grab them and smash them to her face. We sometimes do Maddie Sandwich which consists of each doll being pressed up to her sides. She also enjoys when they put on a show for her. I hope she doesn't notice that their accents change with each performance.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

SWEET! Thanks Jode- I'm bored and bound to the couch at the moment.

I am....... lovin' the OJ, please make me feel better
I want........ money, lots and lots of monet (cue the backup dancers)
I have....... serious issues with the fact that the Wayans Brothers is on insteaf of Reba.
I wish........ I had a maid or at least some time/motivation to clean my disgusting house.
I know......... hot dogs are bad for me, but I love them anyways.
I hate........stress it gives me a headache.
I hear...........Raheem's creepy sleeping noises.
I house for the nail polish remover. My toes look ridiculous and will continue as such until Casey scrapes off my polish or my nails grow out.
I always.........enjoy a sleeping Maddie.
I usually.........don't enjoy small talk.
I am not..........excited to drive to St. Johns, but love when we get there.
I miss...........Sports like the dickens.
I love......... Crisp cold air.
I never..........attempt karate
I rarely........ get ready, poor Casey.
I cry............ too much, tighten up wuss.
I keys on a regular basis.
I am confused........about babies. Why can't they be born talking.
I laugh more
I should.......... be getting ready to go film our stinkin' video for youth conference.
I dream..........of Jim from the Office serving Panda Express.
I tag....... any who found my post as a boredum buster.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Man, September was a doozy. I'd like to say thank goodness it's over, but I fear October may be even doozier. It all started with the loss of my job. Yeah, big blow there. After my breakdown and constant life-plan changing (and some big prayers thrown in there) we decided we were going to do all we could so that I can stay at home with Madeline. My previous job allowed me to bring her with me to work. Unfortunately I worked in the construction biz and we all know the economy has sent a bazooka shot at the construction market. I do have my transcription work that I do from home, but at the moment it's bringing in a whoppin' $300 a month. I'm still learning and pretty slow, and we get paid by the page, and since I'm a newbie they only give me the minimum amount of tapes. I'm not gonna complain though because it keeps me busy enough. My day consists of entertaining and feeding Maddie and the few naps that she takes I'm trying to get transcription done. I then have to stay up late and get up in the morning before she wakes to do more.
So back to my pity party, with Casey already working full time and going to school, working a part-time job is not much of an option (even though he keeps looking for something to fit his schedule). So we decided that we're going to try and rent out our townhome and move in with the 'rents ('rents=parents, I learned it from YM- remember that magazine??). So we've GOT to find someone to move in before the next month hits or you just may see me turn into a crazy lady. I'll start lugging Maddie around town from trash bin to trash bin collecting tin cans- Crazy Bag Lady Jessie.