Monday, March 29, 2010

Anniversary, St. Patty's and Spring!

On March 16th, we celebrated our 3 year anniversary. We had been saving up some money and wanted to get away for the weekend, but decided it was just too much hassle with a little lady to deal with. So this was our celebration instead. We made our annual trip to Cracker & Co. for breakfast. If you haven't tried out this place; do it. Later that night I made a candle lit dinner to try and add some romance to our nightly routine. That following weekend we had a date night and went to a new Indian place in Chandler. I got my usual Dal Majarani and naan bread. It was delish as always, and instead of mango lassi, I tried out strawberry. Oh my goodness, so good. Casey got some curry, and it was even better than my dish. It was thicker than most curries I've had, but sooo good. I really like food. After stuffing ourselves we went iceskating. This was only my second time and I was a little unsure of myself at first, but after about 20 minutes I felt a lot more steady. I only fell once, and it was during my attempt to skate on one leg. I convinced Casey to hold my hand around the rink at least one time. Those bratty 15 year olds couldn't out perform me in the PDA department; we were the ones celebrating our love for eachother.

In other March news, Maddie and I had fun dressing in green and playing at the Jump and Shout at Riverview. Spring is here and we're taking full advantage of the beautiful weather by playing outside the majority of the day, whether it's kicking the princess ball around or blowing bubbles with Percy the train. Very soon all we'll be able to do outdoors is swim.

Casey is fully enjoying his scooter rides in this weather and the plentiful amount of basketball on tv. I've already beat him in my bracket. The one that took me 30 seconds to fill out. He's also enjoying playing soccer twice a week. He is NOT enjoying his online Biology class, but the end is so near that his mood has lightened. All in all the Lewis Family is well and very happy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I love this girl. She is seriously such a kook and is constantly making us laugh with her funny ways and unexpected phrases. Tonight I was harassing her to get in the tub or she would just have to get in her jammies with no bath. In mid-sentence she puckered her lips as far as they would pucker, pressed her index finger to those puckered lips and gave me a big long "shuuush", and of course our instant laughter gave her further encouragement; I think she just found an easy way out of my scoldings.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Book #2

So for February I read Ender's Game, which was a completely different novel than the Memory Keeper's Daughter. I enjoyed the faster pace and sci-fi feel. I'm a big fan of Ray Bradbury and C.S. Lewis, so this type of stuff entertains me. It was a young adult book so that always helps with the entertainment factor. I did glaze over a bit during the battle scenes and battle talk, but overall I enjoyed the read. I'm trying to mix up the genres each month, so for March I'll be reading One of Ours by Willa Cather.