Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day

I'm a bit behind, but here is my Mother's Day...
I awoke to a very excited child bringing me a present in bed. Maddie and Dad had worked hard to make me a very beautiful flower brooch. I was so impressed with them both and proudly wore it to church that day. I was also very impressed with my husband's culinary skills as I watched him make me eggs benedict for breakfast. you can see the pic below where he is very carefully poaching the eggs. Breakfast was the best I've had in a long long time. Grandma helped Maddie with the giant cookie to give to me. Maddie is the world's best gift giver. She is always so enthusiastic and sincerely excited to give gifts; I love it.
I've been contemplating some of my favorite things about being a mother...Although it's very hard at times, it truly is so rewarding to see your very own child grow and play and just be them. So here is just a glimpse of some of my favorite mothering privileges.
1. Maddie is insistent that I put her to bed at night (I actually get a bit burnt out of this) but before climbing into bed to hear her stories, she always grabs a stuffed animal to sleep with, but she also brings one to me. Sometime in the night she always climbs into bed with us, and she always brings that same animal for me to sleep with. She is so sweet and thoughtful about it.
2. I love to listen to her in her bedroom talking and playing with her dolls and toys. I seriously could just sit and listen to that with no need of any other entertainment.
3. She is a wrap-around-the-neck-teeth-gritted hugger. She will randomly fall on top of me with one of these hugs for no reason.
4. She is obsessed with playing with my hair. I usually have to pry it out of her hands at night when she falls asleep.
5. She is so excited about the new baby and talks about him a lot. She is going to be a stellar big sister, and I can't wait to see how they love each other.

Thanks to my wonderful husband and daughter for the best Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Easter at our place was pretty low key. I woke up early and was out watching TV when I heard some movement in the kitchen. I waited a few minutes before going to see who was up. There stood little Maddie in her pajama shirt and diaper (she is particular of her pajama outfits) just looking, but not touching her Easter basket. She had set out the empty basket the night before for the Easter Bunny to fill, and she also left a carrot from the garden. I told her it was okay to open it. She was most excited about her Ni-hao Kailan band-aids, but I'm also very happy that she was excited to get her own little Book of Mormon and Jesus bookmark. She's not much of a candy girl, but she did get a chocolate bunny and nasty Peeps.
We later dyed some eggs and let Maddie color on them with markers. We only did 12 between the 3 of us; we were pretty tired that morning. We then hid them in the yard and Maddie very unethusiastically found her eggs. Raheem helped out and ate one of them, at least he was excited.