Monday, June 23, 2008

Some actual wording

Ok, so I've posted enough pictures of our chubby-cheeked baby, I guess it's time to write about her. Today Madeline is one month old, and as all new mothers know, it's been quite a month! The delivery was long and full of good times. I started getting contractions on Wednesday night, and they kept me up the entire night, and of course Casey couldn't sleep either, as he kept wondering if it was time. It was not. The next night, same miserable thing. Finally they started to come more consistently and with much more pain. We checked into the hospital at 6am. I was 4 cm and completely effaced. 6 hours later, I opted for the epidural; the pain was no fun, and all I wanted in life was to sleep. At about 4pm the nurse says to us, "She'll be here within an hour." 4 1/2 hours later she finally came. The stinker was face up with her arm around her head, so it took longer than expected.
The first week was rough, adjusting to my new sleeping schedule. But she now does well and will sleep 4 hours when I lay her down at night before her first wake up. Some of her favorite things are: eating- first and foremost, getting her hair washed and combed, snuggling like a potato bug on daddy's chest, mommy's melodic voice, her swing with accompanying tunes and car rides. Things she does not enjoy are: getting her face washed, her pacifer when she's hungry, loud noises, and formula bottles when mom can't feed her right at the moment.
She's a bundle of all that is good in the world, and we love her stinkin guts. She's a must see for all who need a glimpse of absolute cuteness. Schedule your appointment today!