Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I love my ridiculous husband. We threw him a graduation party, and his only request from me was a "face cake." I was unsure what he meant, so he explained, "A cake with a picture of my face on it." Since I didn't get him anything else, I tried my darndest to fulfill his request. As seen in the picture above, the coloring is all wrong and the cake in general is pretty creepy. But there it is. Happy graduation husband. Our life is pure chaos at the moment. Good chaos. After 3 months and 4 interviews, Geico has offered Casey a position in their Emerging Leaders program! We are uber excited, since this was our top choice of the many many jobs he applied for. We got the news a little over a week ago, and will be heading out to Fredericksburg, VA June 12th. Yep, less than a month away. We have been glued to our computer screens looking for housing and moving trucks. And to make it all even more fun, here is a preview of my current two week calendar: Casey's graduation, Casey's party, Casey goes to VA for 3 days for interviews, Teach joyschool, Cubscout pack meeting, Teach sharing time each Sunday this month, Host bunko, Maddie's 3, yes 3, birthday parties, Make 3 stupid aprons to sell (I'm a little upset I chose to do this one), Host sewing night. After this week I will be able to fully focus on moving and packing and all the fun the goes with a move. But we are happy to be moving on to this next stage of life!