Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Facts

1. I am the worst when it comes to returning and making phone calls. I'm sorry, I hate talking on the phone; it's no offense to you.
2. I feel guilty for being a stay at home mom since we're so poor.
3. I'm addicted to LOST.
4. Since marrying Casey I have consumed more soda than ever intended in my adult life.
5. Bargain shopping brings me great joy.
6. I don't think my daughter's cry is cute.
7. I have a crazy beagle named Raheem.
8. I played the piano for quite a few years when I was younger and regret my decision to quit.
9. I hate meeting new people because I have to talk about myself.
10. I met my husband on eHarmony- (just kidding he was my neighbor in Tempe)
11. I make awesome snickerdoodles.
12. I think washing your car is a waste of water and rarely do it.
13. The only times I watch TV are when a. Casey is home b. I'm nursing Maddie or c. I took a 3 hour nap at 8 pm with Maddie and now we're up til the early hours just hanging out downstairs.
14. I despise putting away clean laundry.
15. My favorite movie is Little Women.
16. My first concert was Boyz to Men.
17. I love American History.
18. I didn't try my hardest academically in middle or high school in fear of having attention brought my way.
19. I hope to someday be a hardcore mountain biker.
20. I always wanted to marry a cowboy growing up.
21. i played collegiate softball but always hate telling people because they expect me to be awesome at slow pitch. It's been almost 5 years okay.
22. I could spend lots and lots of money and time in Barnes and Noble. I hope to someday have a library room in our future house.
23. I love drawing the human figure and hope to get back in a figure drawing class when time and money permit.
24. My husband and I are an absolute perfect match for eachother; seriously.
25. I love letter writing and have vowed to write more this year. Maybe someday you'll get one!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The End Of My Misery

So today is my first official day with absolutely no transcription work. That's right, I quit. Now before you think less of me please listen to my defense.

Number one: The pay was ridiculous for the amount of work put in each day. In all of my jobs I have never done so much actual work for so little pay. I'm telling you, a desk job is the way to go. Eight hours of pay for probably about 4 hours of actual working.

Number two: I was a grouchy miserable beast because of my lack of sleep. I would stay up late most every night trying to get my work done and when I finally got to bed Maddie would wake up. She's been waking up at least three times a night for the past three or four months. Then during the day when she would nap, I couldn't nap; I had blasted transcription to get done.

and Number three: I just plain hated it. Period.

So today it's only 11:00 and I've already had Maddie play time, walked the Raheemers, put away all the laundry (my most dreaded chore above ALL others) cleaned the kitchen and ate breakfast. I can't wait until Maddie's second nap, who knows what adventure awaits me! (maybe a shower)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life just got better for Madeline.

Why is life better? Maddie has moved on to the world of real food. You see that item in her right hand? That's a slab of cantaloupe. Miss Maddie is such a big girl now. She won't even eat that canned baby food from me anymore; she just wants the real stuff. Although she still loves nursing and I fear she'll never let go of that one. 10 years old and nursing...eew. I dread the dat I have to start weaning because I'll have one sad baby.