Thursday, October 29, 2009

Done Babysitting, Now What?

Smelly house. Sewing machine and "crafty" crap all over the kitchen table. Casey's trunk emptied onto our floor (he sold his car!). Mail from all week all over the counter. Jessie posting a blog with intentions of sewing rather than cleaning when finished.

P.S. Maddie just starting having conversations on the phone. Apparently she overwhelmingly agrees with whoever she is talking with.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lewis Family Update

Casey: Still working with Farmer's Insurance and loving every second of selling policies and dealing with his always polite customers. We've decided that his 95 Honda Civic is coming to a slow and painful death. I almost lost my life (not really) when the brakes went out as I was cruising down Alma School. I had to swerve into the Mcdonald's parking lot going about 30 to avoid the cars coming to a stop at the light. The cost was about $850 for the brakes, which we decided against. It also makes pleasant noises. So we're going to sell the car and Casey is getting a nice little scooter, most likely tomorrow.

Jessie: Still doing the babysitting. Mondays is baby Eva and the rest of the week is baby Chase, oh and of course Maddie insists on coming along each day. She has gotten loads better about accepting the fact that I do have to hold and feed these babies. It's far less stressful not having a screaming child at my feet. I've also started boot camp with some friends. It's been on a week, then I was gone a week, then on a week, then the instructor took off a week, so I'm excited to have consecutive weeks of me getting worked to complete soreness.

Maddie: Is such a goober, as we always say to her. She is constantly on the move, she hates eating healthy food and any food in her highchair, she dances almost always when music comes on (even to my harmonica playing), she's fully enjoying having a dog to chase around, I found my first object in the toilet and several in the trash can, she loves Nemo but our disk is scratched so she will never know the ending, she does so well at knowing her animals and what they say, she's fascinated by letters and numbers, she inherited her dad's love of candy corns, she loves being outside, she had her first bike ride in her new carseat and didn't even cry when we put the helmet on her. She's such a fun baby and we are always laughing at her silliness.

Raheem: is chubby and lazy, except when newcomers stop by for a visit then he is a maniac. His sole purpose in life is obtaining food. He tolerates Maddie's playfulness and is ecstatic when I take him for rides in the car.

Friday, October 9, 2009

i <3 mesa

i heart mesa is offering a photo session giveaway here. It's a great blog for all you Mesa dwellers that gives fun activities going on. Tonight Casey and I and our friends headed to Second Friday on Main Street. The weather is beautiful and strolling with friends made for a perfect evening out.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bang Bang Raheem's Dead

You may want to tap that volume down just a tad; I get a little screechy near the end.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vegas with the Rodriguez's

The past week was spent with my family in Vegas. Lucas had a convention for homicide stuff (much needed in SJ lately), so they brought Maddie and me along to watch Mercedes. We ate a lot, like gained 5 pounds a lot. We swam, walked the strip, visited some of the casino attractions, lost $5 to slots (not my life-changing winning I was expecting) and just hung out in the hotel. It was nice to not have any house or dinner obligations to tend to while Maddie napped, so I finished my first Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility. Love that Colonel Brandon.

I missed my husband tremendously and was very happy to get home to him after too much driving. I was also very pleased with the weather when I arrived home and continue to be pleased.

Playing in the hot tub.
Four queens standing infront of the 4Queens.
Fremont Street.

Maddie's first glimpse of Vegas lights.