Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In My Defense...

...it looks a lot better when it's dry. The bottom half of her hair curls really tight, so it loses the mullet affect. Poor girl. Her dad now refers to her as Dude, and I'm pretty sure she knows something's up because she keeps scratching the top of her head. In other words, no more home haircuts by Mom.



Monday, July 20, 2009

We are back from our week long journey to Utah. Casey had is Mecham Family Reunion in Altamont, Utah. We stayed in a huge lodge, which still wasn't enough to hold the 170 members that attended. There was four-wheeling, rock climbing, volleyball, lawn games, mountain bikes, swimming, hiking and of course good food. Maddie was a trooper on the long drive, but once we arrived she decided she was done with the sleeping business. Poor girl only got about 45 minutes of napping in a day, and the nights were a beast. We shared a room with Casey's parents, and his dad is not the quietest sleeper by any means.

We spent a few days in Saratoga Springs with a good friend I went to school with. Jodi and Mike and Kayhlen. We went to Wheeler Farm, toured around Salt Lake, went to Gardener Village (sewing friends, there is the CUTEST fabric store there; Pine Needles; expensive but soooo cute), had a bbq with friends from SVU and just enjoyed being together as a family. We loved our time in Utah, but we are so grateful to be in our own bed and especially to have Maddie back in her own crib.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Glad Ware and Thomas the Train

The classic toddler destination: kitchen cabinets and drawers. Maddie has discovered my newest switch-a-roo. The cleaning products have magically disappeared, and in their place...non-toxic tupper ware. She loves hanging out in the kitchen with me while I cook. Tonight I was making ginger snaps for my sickly husband and was relishing the fact that she was cleaning out the cupboards. Yes I said relishing. I'm not always fond of the countless messes she makes each day, but for some reason, the kitchen mess is welcomed. I love to watch her crawl inside trying to reach that furthest Glad Ware Container, and when she finally reaches it, she instantly throws it over her shoulder as if in disgust. I love when she finds her Thomas the Train dinnerware and sits and stares down at it repeating, "Bah, bah." It's her universal word of recognition. I think the kitchen drawers being emptied and the tupper ware strewn across the floor somehow makes me feel more motherly, and that's a feeling I adore, being a mother.