Sunday, November 22, 2009

November News

November's been a busy month, and we still have Thanksgiving left. Our little sewing group decided to have a booth at the Zootique (boutique at the zoo). I made about 20 baby booties, a few onesies and some wall art. I sold zero items. Lucky for me I always follow my life motto, "Keep your hopes low and you'll never be disappointed." It was a good experience though, and fun to spend the day at the zoo with friends. But if you're interested, we're selling the items on our etsy site.

I also attended the New Moon midnight showing, preceded by a themed party. It was such a fun, but long night. We started with delicious dinner set on a beautifully decorated table, New Moon trivia game, crafting our own hair flowers to debut at the debut then the wait in line for the movie. Unfortunately our early-bought tickets and hours of waiting didn't equal great seats. We were on the second row. I quite enjoyed the movie, and although Jacob looks quite nice with his shirt off, I'm still with Ed. I guess I'm more of a romantic rather than someone who roots for the more level headed choice.

In more exciting news, Maddie is now discovering all of her athletic capabilities, which include walking backwards, spinning and jumping (feet have yet to leave the floor). This video shows off her skillz.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Where did October go? Geez. We took little Miss Maddie to the pumpkin patch, mostly to take cute pics of her. She absolutely loved the mini patch where kids got to choose a little pumpkin to decorate. She picked up most every pumpkin and then brought them to us. Aren't her boots the cutest?
Halloween wasn't quite as blissful, as seen in exhibit D. After four attempts, I gave up trying to get the kid to nap. To add to the fun, she's growing up some molars. We probably would've skipped Halloween if we didn't have to work booths at the block party. We begrudgingly got dressed, without smiles, and walked to the block party in silence where we both did our duties then left without even a stroll to check out the other booths. We then made the cordial visits to family to show off our little clown, came home and put Maddie to bed at 7:30, ordered pizza and enjoyed the rest of the night watching Drag Me Down To Hell. Next year will be the Halloween I love so much.