Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Whistle While You Work

Maddie's current movie obsession is Snow White, or White as she calls it. She is so cute when the wicked queen is creating her transformation brew. She is usually standing while watching, and she slowly walks backwards towards either Casey or me without ever taking her eyes from the screen. She creeps back until she is safely by our side.

I would like to thank Disney for encouraging my daughter to clean and eat apples, both activities have increased drastically since her receiving the movie for Christmas.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reflections and Aspirations

Top Ten 2009 Memories
10. Utah trip: Our first family vacation, with many hours spent in the car.
9.New Pilot: We're so grateful to my mom and stepdad for the uneven trade. We love having more room and feeling so high class.
8. Quitting transcription: A valiant few months of trying to bring home some bacon for the family ended when I could no longer contain my inner beast.
7. Bootcamp: I started bootcamp in September and hope to carry on this year.
6. Soda and Felicity with Casey: I suckered Casey into watching Felicity with me. I borrowed all four seasons from a friend, and we're trying to get finished so we don't have it forever.
5. New camera: We finally saved enough to buy a quality camera. This year perhaps I'll focus on taking quality pictures.
4. Christmas: We did so much more this year as a family. Lots of baking, several trips to look at lights, movies.
3. Maddie turning 1: I've loved watching our little baby grow into a little girl. We've watched her go from immobile to crawling to walking to running all in one year. She's saying so many words and understanding so much. I can't get over how much she makes me smile and laugh everyday.
2. 2 year anniversary: I love that we're still in that honeymoon stage where we just love hanging out with each other. He's such a wonderful husband; I'm excited for all the years to come.
1. Sewing: I'm so happy I've taken up this new hobby, despite all the grief my sisters give me. I truly love it and am so excited to keep learning more and more.

As for 2010 I have a few goals on my list:
1. Pray everyday with my family and study scriptures with my husband daily. I know I need guidance and I know this is how to get that.
2. Exercise one day a week on my own.
3. Read 1 book a month (I'm very open to suggestions).
4. Learn to sew clothing for Maddie.
5. Paint one picture. It's something I haven't done in years.
6. Learn about one new thing a month.

Wish me luck!