Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lovely Winter

We enjoyed Christmas in St. Johns this year. We were lucky to get lots of snow to play in. Maddie loved her Minnie Mouse from Santa. I didn't get any Christmas pictures of William, but this photo was taken on Christmas Day so we'll count it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

William's Photo Shoot

I'm a bit behind in the blogging...Here are William's newborn photos taken by my good friend Jenna Jameson. They turned out so great; I couldn't put all the ones I loved on here because it takes too long! He is not even one week old in these. My how he has grown, by about 10 pounds!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012...Here I Come!

Every year I make a list of goals. It's something I quite enjoy doing. Writing a list of all the things I want to someday become. But then everyday life steps in, and I quickly get sidetracked just trying to get the dishes done each day. Here's hoping I can better myself in at least one way this year.

1. Nightly family and personal prayer/scripture study.
2. Exercise at least 3 times a week. (I already broke this one, but am still trying!)
3. Drink more water (I'm the worst!)
4. Read one non-fiction book.
5. Monthly date nights and temple dates
6. Work on family videos, a photo book and a piece of art decor for the house.

Friday, January 13, 2012

William Updaate

Our Sweet William. Apparently Sweet William is a plant, who knew? Just a little update on our adorable little boy. He is almost 4 months! He is definitely a fast growing boy. 9pounds at birth, 12 pounds at his 1 month appointment, 15.2 pounds at his 2 month, and we are awaiting stats for his 4 month appointment. I predict a near 20 pound weigh-in.

He is laughing and smiling and trying to engage anyone he can in baby gurgling chatter. He LOVES his big sister and his eyes follow her all around the room.

He's quite fond of being held, and still doesn't nap during the day without that comfort. But, he does do pretty awesome at night and will sleep from 9 pm-ish to 7am-ish with only waking once to eat (usually).

We got a bit lazy in the bottle making/pumping department, and he now refuses a bottle. We were so adamant that this kid would most definitely take a bottle! Ugh, we failed miserably. I have hope that we can still make it happen. It must happen. Mother needs her time off too.

This kid can drool! Maddie wasn't a huge drooler, so this is new to me. I always try to dress him so cute for church, then have to throw on that tacky bib. Ruins the whole effect. His hair is hilarious. It looks like a come-over in the back. I'm still hoping some curls will emerge.

We love our Bubz.