Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miss Maddie Modeling

Maddie is usually a stinker about letting me take her picture, but on this night that's all she wanted to do. She kept going to different locations and doing different poses. She would immediately want to look at the picture after I took it. I think we have a future model on our hands.

Showing off her new "Valentine" tree (we had to improvise to get her to take down all her Christmas decorations and tree).

Future Mousekateer.

Katie Kangaroo and Baby Joey. An exotic shoot in Australia.

Sneaking a peek.

E.T. impersonation.

I think she's going for "saucy" here.

This is her vogue pose.

Mona Lisa smile


reyn and heidi said...

Maddie is so funny! Haha i love her poses! She can most definetly be a model! She is such a pretty girl :)

maren sundahl said...

Oh that Maddie is so cute. Her hair kills me, those curls are amazing.

Lucy is not potty trained, unfortunately - she's good about using the toilet, but I have to take her, she won't go on her own. So I am going to wait a little longer before I give it another try. I still try to get her to go poop on the toilet because I'm sick of dirty diapers, but I'm not taking her every 20 minutes.