Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

We spent our 4th in St. Johns this year. The 4th is also my dad's birthday, and this year was his 50th birthday. So we decided to throw him a party, and I'm very surprised that he agreed to go along. It was at my sister's and her husband's house in Lakeside. They have such a beautiful property: two acres with a catch and release pond (slash doggie swim hole), horse corral (no horses), fire pit, picnic benches, three tire swings, and just wide open space. We spent the day just hanging out then guests arrived in the evening.
While is St. Johns we went to the fireworks show up in Springerville, which I think I was watching the blazes on the ground more than the actual fireworks. We also attended the Springerville parade. Maddie was all waves in hopes for some candy. The BBQ and foot races at the park are always a favorite; so Americana. Maddie of course refused to race, so we sat around in the hot sun and eventually got a snow cone and headed home.
That night we had a cookout at my mom's then Casey and I decided to head back home...sans Maddie. My mom kept her for the rest of the week. It was nice to be able to get fully moved into our new home (pics to come eventually). We get to pick her up today and we are more than excited to see our little girl. I feel so lazy and bored without her around to entertain all day, but I have enjoyed the lazy tv watching and sleeping in.