Monday, February 8, 2010

Growing Maddie

I'm so amazed at how fast Maddie is growing up. She is so smart and remembers things so well. Last Monday we went to the park to feed the ducks with Casey's family. She couldn't get enough of the ducks and throwing bread into the water. Days later, if I would mention anything related to the day she would begin rapid fire words about the day. If I said Grandma, she would open her eyes wide and say, "Ga? (Grandma) Nas? (Nikolas) Ducks? Bread? Papa?" Maybe it's because I have no previous experience with kids, but every time she does something like this, it's so exciting and new for me.

She is learning so fast and I love teaching her new things. She loves for me to draw her shapes, she's learning her letters and colors, she's starting to try and sing-a-long with songs and she will often just say a word I never taught her. In short, I love being a parent. I love this new experience of seeing my baby develop and progress into a little person. It's so rewarding to be a mother.

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Casey said...

That was a fun evening at the duck pond. She really is growing up so fast. I love to see how much she is learning, but I hate to think of one day losing my little girl.