Monday, February 15, 2010

Casey is 26!

Happy birthday to my sweet husband Casey. This post is dedicated to your 26 years of life.

26 Reasons Why Casey Rocks

1. He can run and not be weary. For example, today we hiked South Mountain, and he went off on his own, then 20 minutes later I saw him off in the distance running back, over rocks, up hills, straight to us, then grabs Maddie and carries her all the way back to the car with no fatigue.

2. He always smells of delicious cologne (except when he's running hills on South Mountain).

3. He always is the one to pursue thoughtful conversations with me and gets me to express myself more than I normally would.

4. He is never afraid to verbally express his love to all of his family.

5. He has great ball control on the soccer field and understands the game inside and out.

6. Whenever we walk through a door he opens it for me, or, if it's a door that doesn't need to be opened, he lets me go first.

7. He has fun taste in music.

8. He is always willing to try new foods with me, and enjoys all types.

9. He is the best travel partner in the world.

10. He plays with Maddie as soon as he gets home from work.

11. He tells me I'm pretty on a regular basis.

12. He is friendly and talks with complete strangers.

13. He adds commentary to every show, commercial and movie we watch.

14. He dances in front of us...daily.

15. Every time I'm making dinner he asks, "What can I do?"

16. He is patient and kind when I'm frustrated and trying to deal with a stubborn child.

17. He enjoys board games with me.

18. He's haaaaandsome.

19. He enjoys the outdoors and going on hikes, swims, etc.

20. He's not addicted to video games.

21. He constantly gives me praise and encouragement in every thing I pursue.

22. He made me a personalized beaded dangle to hang from my rear view mirror. Seriously, how sweet is that?

23. He spends his days working at a job he doesn't love and going to school part time so he can provide for his little family.

24. He knows how to skateboard.

25. He's willing to watch Felicity with me.

26. He makes me laugh every single day.


LauriAnn said...

Love the list! Casey sounds like a good guy! And amen to #20, Joe doesn't really like them either, and if he did I would go nuts!

Christie said...

Happy birthday Casey! Great list!

Casey said...

Jessie, thank you so much for this list. It was the best birthday present I received. I love you.