Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Maddie quite enjoyed Christmas this year, and we loved it because of her. She woke at 5:30 am, not out of excitement to open her presents, just to wake up. Nana (my mom) got her a cute table and chairs that we put together the night before, and she loved it. She wasn't as enthused about opening presents as we had hoped, but she did get excited after we opened them for her. Her favorite by far was her Super Why dvd. She carried it around all morning and would set it down to open a present, look at the new present, then pick up her Super Why again. She also loved her nesting dolls, her plastic frogs, her Mr. Potato head from Aunt Kristi and Uncle Rich, her rocking chair from Grandpa and her games (Legos and Hungry Hippos) from Grandma and Grandpa.
I think her favorite part of the day was getting to play at cousin Nikolas' house for a couple of hours. She LOVES him, and he tolerates her as she tries to play with all his new toys.
It was a fun Christmas, oh did I mention Casey got me pearls? He is such a cheater and went over our budget of $50 for eachother. I did too, but maybe $20 over. I forgive him though; I love my present and his thoughtfulness.
I am excited for my life to go on as normal now. I used the excuse of having a messy house because I had to use all my time finishing Christmas projects, so now on to keeping it real, one dish at a time.


Casey said...

It was such a fun Christmas. I enjoyed spending more time with you guys than working last week and I wish I could always do that. You guys made my Christmas great. I love you!

Desiree and Lars said...

What a cutie your little girl is. I love all her curls! And good job on the pearls Casey!