Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reflections and Aspirations

Top Ten 2009 Memories
10. Utah trip: Our first family vacation, with many hours spent in the car.
9.New Pilot: We're so grateful to my mom and stepdad for the uneven trade. We love having more room and feeling so high class.
8. Quitting transcription: A valiant few months of trying to bring home some bacon for the family ended when I could no longer contain my inner beast.
7. Bootcamp: I started bootcamp in September and hope to carry on this year.
6. Soda and Felicity with Casey: I suckered Casey into watching Felicity with me. I borrowed all four seasons from a friend, and we're trying to get finished so we don't have it forever.
5. New camera: We finally saved enough to buy a quality camera. This year perhaps I'll focus on taking quality pictures.
4. Christmas: We did so much more this year as a family. Lots of baking, several trips to look at lights, movies.
3. Maddie turning 1: I've loved watching our little baby grow into a little girl. We've watched her go from immobile to crawling to walking to running all in one year. She's saying so many words and understanding so much. I can't get over how much she makes me smile and laugh everyday.
2. 2 year anniversary: I love that we're still in that honeymoon stage where we just love hanging out with each other. He's such a wonderful husband; I'm excited for all the years to come.
1. Sewing: I'm so happy I've taken up this new hobby, despite all the grief my sisters give me. I truly love it and am so excited to keep learning more and more.

As for 2010 I have a few goals on my list:
1. Pray everyday with my family and study scriptures with my husband daily. I know I need guidance and I know this is how to get that.
2. Exercise one day a week on my own.
3. Read 1 book a month (I'm very open to suggestions).
4. Learn to sew clothing for Maddie.
5. Paint one picture. It's something I haven't done in years.
6. Learn about one new thing a month.

Wish me luck!


LauriAnn said...

Love your list. What is bootcamp? I just bought a sewing machine and want to take up the hobby myself this year, I am a total novice so we will see how it goes!

Kachelle said...

lets do a sewing day together! we could swap knowledge and hang out!

Casey said...

2009 was a great year. Hopefully your goal in 2010 to paint a picture will bring to pass a masterpiece as beautiful as the last.

taryn said...

i'm liking your "read 1 book a month" goal. maybe i'll copy it.