Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Posts in One Day!

So I'm unproductive, get over it.

I got tagged. (Said in the voice as in, "You got served!")

Titled: 8

8 Favorite TV Shows
(or shows that I actually watch)
  1. LOST- I would cry if I was unable to watch this show every week. In fact, when it's on break, I do cry.
  2. The Office- How can this not be on everyone's list?
  3. Wheel of Fortune- Yes, my husband and I are in the Wheel Watcher's Club.
  4. 30 Rock- Too funny.
  5. Felicity- R.I.P.
  6. Jeopardy- I like to pretend I'm a whiz when it's Teen Jeopardy.
  7. Seinfeld- It's a classic.
  8. Jay Leno- He's growing on me.
8 Things I Did Yesterday
  1. Got our taxes done. THANK you Uncle Sam!
  2. Took Maddie to her 9 month check up. She had to get lab work, so she got her blood drawn. She was way tougher than that 8 year old across the curtain.
  3. Got a free milkshake from Del Taco; thanks to our signing up for every freebie we can find.
  4. Showered and cleaned the kitchen floor while Maddie slept.
  5. Took Raheem to the dog park where, unseen by me, he collided with another dog and caused serious leg injury to the little fella.
  6. Gave Raheem a bath on the patio, after which he went crazy in the house running, barking, rolling, seriously crazy.
  7. Made chicken enchilada with our leftover mix. I've eaten enchilada everyday since Saturday.
  8. Watched Elmo's World.
8 Things I Look Forward To
  1. Living in a house with a yard.
  2. Being able to have cell phones again.
  3. Casey getting home from school tonight. Well, me getting home from Mutual after he's gotten home from school. I love my husband.
  4. The day Maddie loses her death grasp on me and will let others touch her.
  5. A full night's sleep.
  6. To finish reading a book. It hasn't happened in at least 8 months.
  7. LOST tonight! If I get home in time tonight.
  8. Living in a smaller city.
8 Favorite Restaurants
  1. Anything Indian
  2. George's Gyros
  3. Haji Baba
  4. My Big Fat Greek Restaurant
  5. Taco Bell
  6. Cracker and Co.
  7. Oreganos
  8. El Camino
8 Things On My Wish List
  1. Easy going baby
  2. No mortgage payment
  3. Sewing machine
  4. Baby bike seat
  5. Motivation
  6. My stupid hair to stop growing in like a tumble weed on my forehead
  7. Nanny/maid/hair stylist
  8. $1,000 shopping spree- I need summer clothes in the worst way. Casey's tshirts aren't that fashionable on me.


Alyson said...

We have SO many things in common! If you ever come to VA, you have to call me. NO exceptions! I wish we all lived closer together. I miss the good old days.

bryant and taryn said...

Jess, you crack me up. Even though it will be nice for Maddie to like other people, don't you think you'll miss it when she doesn't need you every second? But then again, maybe not? Btw, congrats on the new camera. I'm excited to see your work! :)

RatalieNose said...

Yay Maddie! What a brave soul! She takes after her mother!!!!! Love that you blogged twice in one day!!!

Koi said...

haji baba's is one of my favorite resturants too. I miss Tempe.