Monday, February 16, 2009

Day of Loooove and birthday celebrations

We had a great Valentine's Day yesterday. I awoke to Casey coming home with a bunch of red tulips for me! We had said no presents this year, but I'm so glad we broke the rules. He also gave me some Twix, my newly declared favorite candy bar, and he bought a box of the kiddie Valentines and wrote a cute note on each one for me. Seriously the best present ever. I felt a bit inadequate handing him his poem and sugar cookies, but Maddie made up for it with her hand crafted Valentine she made for him, or I should say "feet crafted." I painted her feet white and made little feet prints on some Vday scrapbook paper with other embellishments; way cute.
Casey had a soccer game that morning then we ate some breakfast with his parents. I was pretty beat all day, so we stayed in and were majorly unproductive. Then that night we headed out to dinner. It's been so long since we've gone out to dinner that it was such a treat. We had one of our absolute favorites, Indian Food. The food was divine, but the Maddie Cakes was not. We ate in shifts and felt so bad for interrupting everyone elses romantic dinners with our crazy baby. We ended with a Blockbuster night. We watched the movie Definitely, Maybe.
Yesterday was Casey's birthday. I woke up early (7:00 is early for me even though it's only 30 minutes before our usual wake up time) and made swiss aspargus quiche and french toast for the lad. We went to church, came home then had a picnic in the park. Later that night we went to his parents for a joint bday dinner where his mom had paella, jello salad (per my request), garlic bread and aspargus. We had delicious birthday cake and chocalte mousse cake. We like food okay.


RatalieNose said...

Such a cute present!
And I bet Maddie's Foot Card was PRECIOUS!

mike and maren said...

Haha, I love food too - sometimes I think it drives Mike crazy...but I just blame it on genetics; I get it from my Dad.