Tuesday, April 2, 2013

18 month old William

Poor William, the second child.  He doesn't get nearly as much attention (blog wise) as Maddie did. Here are a few fun facts about Bubbs.
He loves bugs (especially ladybugs and spiders)
He loves dinosaurs and does a great little roar.
He loves doing bubbles and sidewalk chalk and being outdoors. There's a constant puddle on a dirt road behind our house, and it's a favorite spot of his.
He's obsessed with coloring, and is constantly wanting us to draw pictures for him. His requests are usually ladybug, snake, shark and eeeewwww (a spider).
He's finally starting to talk. At first it was just gug (ladybug), maaaa (mom), daaaa (dad) and ggguuuyeahhh! (yes)   Now it seems he adds words everyday. Words we sometimes understand.
He's such a sweet little boy and is good at giving kisses. He's still nursing and loving every minute of it; me...not as much.  He does an awesome "crazy pants dance".
Favorite foods:  cheese, waffles,bananas, chocolate anything, fruit rollups, and noodles.
He likes to watch whatever Maddie is watching, he dances to any theme music of our shows, and gets uber excited when Mickey Mouse comes on.

Just a few memories to have recorded for however long this site lasts.

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Kachelle said...

your kids are seriously the cutest ever!!