Monday, February 13, 2012

A Good Day

Today was labeled a "no TV, no computer" day. With little William loving to be held all the time, it's been far too easy for me to let Maddie just watch some Blues Clues or play on the computer. She's become far too dependent on this for entertainment, so we decided to take a day's break. I think our decision created a bit of magic to fall onto William because today he napped two times in his crib! The first for an hour, then second for two hours! I felt like today was such a breath of fresh air. Maddie sat at the counter chatting with me while I did the mound of dishes from Casey's birthday dinner last night. I was able to get most of the laundry done while Maddie played at her Grandma's. We walked to the park, we played board games, William was hardly fussy when he wasn't being held. If I can have days like today, I think I can maintain a sanitary living condition for our family and keep our kids entertained without always relying on the tv or computer.

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Beka said...

i think i've learned that days where my boys watch a movie or tv- they are almost always whinier right as good as the distraction is for a little while- i know after is just not fun:( and sometimes not worth it

but of course we continue to watch tv:)