Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Dirty Thirty

I think this is a funny title for my post. Mostly because I think it's intended for those single, popular, partying people out there who have crazy birthday blowouts on their 30th party. My party: a bbq with lawn games; bring the family.
I have mixed feelings on turning 30. I don't feel old, but I do feel a bit of nostalgia and underachievement. I loved my high school years. I loved my college years. I loved my single years. I've been surrounded by wonderful people my entire life and I have so many fond memories with so many of them. Ditching school to go swim at the nasty "hole", playing softball in the perfect fall weather, making fun of all my roommates via homemade videos...loved it all.
But I never did accomplish any type of career goals. I feel like a complete failure in this area and often wonder if I could go back in time, change my major and career choice, but still end up with my current husband and family? The fact that I never got to enjoy the satisfaction of landing an awesome graphic design job before starting a family is my biggest regret. But I do hope to hop back on the schooling/job wagon when my kids start school.
So I'm 30, now what? I've been thinking about this the past few weeks, and just like the start of every new year, I know I have to step it up. I need to be more spiritually strong for my family. I need to realize that my body needs healthy foods and exercise. I need to read the news now and again to have an intelligent conversation with my husband. I need to wear makeup more than once a week. I feel like a full blown grown up and it's time to start playing the part. I also know that not all of this is going to be accomplished immediately and I need to cut myself some slack sometimes. So, instead of instantly hitting the couch when the kids fall asleep, I am going to do one self improving thing. Whether it's just checking a news website or deciding to drink a bottle of water rather than that delicious diet cherry Pepsi.
I'm excited for this new chapter where my life is focused on family and I get to enjoy the children I am so blessed to nurture and raise. I feel like Tim McGraw crooning his song, "The next 30 years will be the best years of my life, raise a little family and hang out with my (husband)." Amen Tim, amen.


LauriAnn said...

I am a couple of weeks away from this milestone as well. Awesome post. I know what you mean! Although since I have gone back to grad school I realize I miss being able to do some of the stay-at-home mom stuff, which made me realize there will probably always be a part of life I regret (career, school, or family). Good luck with the next 30, it sounds like you have some great plans.

Lee Fam said...

i love diet cherry pepsi! is that making fun of roommates via homemade videos a shoutout to me? :) so incredibly excited to celebrate 30 with you in a few months!