Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Cuteness that is Maddie

Above is a full display of adorable outfits Maddie received for her birthday. The Minnie Mouse dress is by far her favorite outfit ever! You'll see her sporting it anytime she gets a chance. I love little girls. I will admit; I'm not a huge fan of her very opinionated wardrobe choices. If it's not a dress or doesn't have some sort of cartoon character displayed, she doesn't want to wear it. We fight too often over my pleas to get her to wear her cute board shorts or new tank top etc. I have a strong feeling this is only the beginning of many more battles as she grows older. Are there any training programs available?


the Picketts said...

WOW! She's such a cute little smarty pants- my boys didnt have opinions about what they wore till they were 3 i think:)- i'm so glad i got to see her up at the cabin more- she's just so adorable!!

LauriAnn said...

Hilarious I am always trying to talk Madison out of the character clothes too, but they totally just love them. I don't think I am girly enough to keep up with my own daughter.