Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Week of Entertaining Four

My week in St. Johns was quite exhausting. It prepared me for life with a future four year old. Mercedes loves to stay busy. She loves the park, she loves racing, she loves playing restaurant, she loves playing dolls while giving me each and every line my doll will say.

We did so much while we were there and LOVED being outside every single day. We took many trips to the park, had daily snow cone runs, planted some flowers, took a couple trips to the new
library, played on the swing set, and just hung out with Nana and Teena.

Here are some pics of Maddie with her first snow cone. Trips in the wagon which sadly made me sore. Raheem enjoying Teena time. Mercedes with a blue raspberry smile. Nana chillin' with Oscar. Nana's sidekicks, Grandma and Oscar. And finally dinner time with the whole gang.

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jordan and tyrell said...

i am sure it was tiring and entertaining watching such a variety of people. i am sure your mother was gratful for your help! we are hoping to come to sj for the 24th so hopefully we will see you there!!!!