Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thank You!

Thanks to all who were so thoughtful to leave a comment. I really appreciate your advice. I haven't yet tested any new methods, but for some odd reason, my child slept sooo well last night. I put her down at 9:30, she woke up at 5 am but I got her to go back to sleep. She didn't wake up again until 8:30. Amazing! Maybe she got on the computer and saw my pleas for help and decided to take it easy on Mom. We're going to do everything exactly the same as we did last night to see if it works again.
Again, thank you so much for the much needed advice.


taryn said...

any luck the second night?

AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

hey jessie i didn't know you were a fellow blogger :) glad to see you on here, we can keep in touch! maddie is a doll baby! having a girl is so fun!! my blog's goin private soon so if you'd like an invite, comment me your email addy if you'd like :)

Kachelle said...

BABY WISE!! the best book ever!!!! i'll get it for you if you can't get out of the house! it's going to be rough at first, get ear plugs to cope with the crying.(i'm not being a jerk, i can't handle it either) it sucks. maybe feeding her something really filling before bed would help. good luck!!!!