Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life just got better for Madeline.

Why is life better? Maddie has moved on to the world of real food. You see that item in her right hand? That's a slab of cantaloupe. Miss Maddie is such a big girl now. She won't even eat that canned baby food from me anymore; she just wants the real stuff. Although she still loves nursing and I fear she'll never let go of that one. 10 years old and nursing...eew. I dread the dat I have to start weaning because I'll have one sad baby.


belshe family said...

congrats Maddie!

Alyson said...

She is getting SO big. I love when you don't have to sit there for 30 minutes to spoon feed anymore!

the Picketts said...

She really is one of the cutest little baby girls ever!! Thx for letting me watch her last night:)