Tuesday, August 5, 2008


After years of searching, I founder a partner who fit my criteria, and we were able to breed a dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty. 10 1/2 weeks have passed and our offspring's eyes have clung to the blue pigment. I pray they stay, and I'm sure I'll soon be smited for such a vain request. Next step: get that baby a tan! Which may prove difficult, as Casey and I shield her from the sun at all costs.
***Disclaimer: I did not marry Casey just because he has blue eyes. He also has athletic genes and nice olive skin.


Lee Fam said...

LOL, you're so freakin funny...i won't let out the secret that you told me you really did only marry him for his blue eyes.

mike and maren said...

Yes, the make-up was Hollywood worthy!

We're heading to San Juan. I came down to bring Mike and all of his stuff this weekend, but I am starting up my Master's, so I won't be here until January. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out....prego and all.

Your baby is so cute, I was glad to get to see her at the 24th. I was out looking for baby stuff with Mike before we came down and I saw your cool stroller at Baby's R'Us and I just may have to copy. :)

Johnson Family said...

Hey Jesse,
Haven't talked to you in forever, but saw your blog on my sister's site. Your little girl is so cute!!! I don't think she will have a hard time tanning and having beautiful skin.
Hope everything continues to go awesome for you.

Nicole said...

Ha ha:) Blue eyes with dark hair & skin is too cute:) Shane gets upset that both our kids have dark hair & brown eyes. Big baby:)