Friday, August 8, 2008

Never Again

Casey's boss gave us pretty great seats to the Cardinal's game last night, so we gladly accepted. Later we realized it was at 5pm, but we still decided to go, knowing traffic would be a mess. Never again. Never ever again.

We left the house at 4:30 as soon as I got home from work. We got to the stadium at 6:30: me with a tear stained face, Maddie SCREAMING, and Casey repeating, "I hate this stupid Valley." It was my first experience of letting Maddie cry, and it broke my heart. I was sure I'd never get her to stop, but as soon as I fed her, she was smiling up at me, and I instantly was in a better mood.

We made it before the 3rd quarter started, and, according to Casey, the starters had already played the first half, because it's a pre-season game. So we got to see a lot of the 3rd and 4th string. Eh. Football is football. We left in the middle of the 4th quarter because we did not want to face horrible parking lot traffic. 2 1/2 hours of driving for 1 hour of football. The tickets were a kind gesture, but next time, I think I'll pass.


meghannamarie said...

That totally sucks! I hate the valley too! Oh my gosh!

Kachelle said...

i don't think any one that lives here actually likes it, we just do it cus we have to. totally sucks!!!!! and don't worry, things like driving get easier as they get older, hopefully!!!!

LauriAnn said...

Umm...your kid is adorable! I haven't heard from you or about you in forever! I am glad I know what you are up to now. We are moving to Seattle so Joe can go to medical school next week.

Lee Fam said...

it sucks when you just have to let them cry and driving in the car is definately one of those times...glad u guys survived