Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lessons Learned

15 Things I've Learned in the Past Year

1. I'm seriously lacking in the motivation department. Where can I get a new shipment of the "goods?"
2. Owning a home isn't as glamorous as it seems. Sure you can paint the walls whatever color you want, but then there's that ever occuring monthly payment attached. Being a kid was so much easier.
3. I can hang in a recreational soccer league.
4. I married a comic genius who can never fail to make me laugh.
5. Bangs aren't a nuisance. Perhaps it's because I've not played sports in a while...
6. Seeing someone you love suffer is harder than I ever imagined.
7. I'm a nagger.
8. When choosing a major; always choose money over enjoyment.
9. Beagles are hyper.
10. I enjoy watching TV every night.
11. I can't manage working full time and keeping a clean house. I believe this links back to my first lesson learned.
12. Pregnant ladies get a lot of attention, sometimes unwanted attention.
13. Jury duty isn't so bad.
14. Using coupons is an art. I've tried my hand a few times at it, but still have yet to learn the secret to making it more simple.
15. It's ok to toot infront of the one you love.


meghannamarie said...

You are funny! everything you said is true for me too. I hope everything is going well not much longer to go!!

Koi said...

So if you don't toot in front of me does that mean you don't love me?