Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Big Move

Maddie was very interested as we packed up the truck. We got many requests to get stuff out of the boxes for her, like random Christmas decorations she could see in clear tubs.
As you can see, the packing got a little lazy at the end. We ran out of boxes and just began putting stuff in until it was completely full. I'm so sad that my big dining room table couldn't make the trip with us. Our grill and bikes also got left behind.
This little girl did great on the trip. This is a rare moment of her sleeping. She was content watching movies, playing her MobiGo, coloring and playing ponies.
This kid, on the other hand, needed a playmate in the backseat with him. Being the driver was nothing compared to trying to keep him entertained. I was all peek-a-booed out by the end of the trip.
I envisioned this lovely picture of our family as we gathered on our porch for the very first time. Instead, it was a hastily snapped pic of a very tired family. More of our new home to come another day!        

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