Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I had a very nice little Easter lesson with Maddie after church. I did the plastic eggs filled with different objects and scriptures to tell the Easter story. She thought it was very fun and exciting to open each egg, but when we got to the egg with the nail, she was instantly quiet and listened as we talked of Christ on the cross. We looked closely at a picture and saw each nail in his hands and feet. I told her it was okay to be sad when we think about it, but that he did it because he loves us very much. She was so sweet and said, "Sometimes when I'm sad, my eyes get a little bit watery." I'm not sure if she meant she felt sad today (I think this was her 3rd Easter lesson of the day) or just telling me that her eyes water when she's sad. But I'm so glad she's old enough to begin to understand the beautiful story of Easter and what it means for each of us. Happy Easter!

(Chicken Baby weaseled her way into most of our Easter pics this year)

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