Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I like to run. I hate my lack of motivation to do it, but I always feel better after a run. But here's my dilemma, I hate for people to see me running. It's not that I'm afraid I'm an ugly faced runner or that I fear looking foolish with my strides. It's a bit of the opposite. First, let me state that I do not envision myself as a beauty while jogging or that my form is perfect. The reason I hate when people see me jogging is because I feel that they are judging me. I fear they think I am trying to show off, that I'm only out jogging to show the world that I exercise and am in shape (which is certainly not true). I recently confessed my fears to my husband when he suggested I just run down McClintock. He, of course, told me how absolutely ridiculous I was. I gave in and ran down McClintock.
BUT today I prove my point friends. I went out for my bi-monthly jog, the weather was warm but I felt good, I was listening to my freshly made playlist. Biking towards me on the same side of the road comes an older lady. I make eye contact, smile, and what to wondering eye should appear, but a uplifted finger raised high and clear. Yes, she gave me the bird. And you know why? Here is what she was thinking, "Oh look at this lady out running. She thinks she's soooo cool with her fancy new shoes (I just got new sea foam green running shoes with some bday cash) and her hoity doity ipod, smiling like she's the best thing on earth." That is why I hate people to see me run.


Beka said...

holy cow i can't believe that!! And you are SO funny....what you don't wanna be known as "trendy jogging mom?" :) are super cool whether you run or not, but the feeling after running is DEF why i do it:)

Christie said...

What the?! That's crazy! Not only are you one of the nicest people I know, you are so cool with your new sea foam green running shoes. Work it.

Linda said...

Haters will hate. lol what a wierd lady, she's just jealous! Have you signed up for any races?