Saturday, October 1, 2011

We're now on week 2 of William's life and still adjusting. He's a noisy fellow; lots of squeaks and grunts. He still doesn't like his bassinet, so we're still not having great nights. He's gained 15 ounces since his birth because he's always eating! My doctor said to wait until he really cries from hunger before I feed him, so he's not snacking so much.

Maddie is still doing well with him; she doesn't seem to dislike him in any way. Every once in a while she'll ask to hold him. Mostly she likes to disrupt his daytime naps by shaking him and yelling, "Wake up baby! Wake up!" Which, I'm fine with his daytime naps being interrupted if it helps him sleep at night at all.

He's still doing great going back and forth between nursing and bottles, and I'm trying to build up a storage of breast milk so we don't have to use formula anymore. We're on our last container of the freebie stuff.

Mom is doing well and feeling pretty great; other than lack of sleep. I forgot how painful nursing can be, but I'm at least glad that the contraction type cramps stopped after a few days. I jump at any chance to leave the house since we're home all day long. I've been blessed with fabulous friends, who brought me dinner for two weeks! I even got gourmet breakfast one morning. I really feel so overwhelmed with how kind and generous people have been. It definitely makes me want to be that kind of person to other people.

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Nicole said...

You have gorgeous babies!