Sunday, September 4, 2011


The adventures of Maddie's August.

We love the culture pass system at the local libraries. The past month we were able to go to the Phoenix Children's Museum (my fave) and the Natural History Museum in Mesa. Maddie was so tickled that I packed a lunch for both of us and we sat in their little cafeteria area and ate it together. I think we were there for 3 hours and I had to weasel her out of there because my pregnant body was tired.

Casey took her to the Natural History Museum, and she loved all the dinosaurs. Her very favorite is the Triceratops. She was also so excited to show me the gold her and dad found in the river. I love when just the two of them get to spend time together, because she's so attached to me; it's a good change for her to fully enjoy her fun dad.

We also had Mercedes come stay with us for three days and two nights. Maddie was in heaven; Mercedes is pretty close to her idol. We set up a little tent in the front room and they spent a lot of time playing witches and ghosts and screaming. Poor chubby Raheem also had a few days of being chased and tackled and loved on.

And finally, we started back in joy school! Maddie had been so excited to have school at our "new house," and I was the first mom to take a turn, so she was quite happy. This year we have 7 kids, so it's quite busy. But I love that they're a year older and more capable of sitting still and learning more. I have this next week as well, then I'm on hiatus until February, just to have time to deal with a new baby and such.


Alyson said...

Wait...what? Is that an announcement? Or did you announce it somewhere else and I missed it?!!

Koi said...

So where's the new house? I can't wait to see who baby William looks like because Maddie is definitely your little mini:o) Oh and you are my favorite Pregnant person ever. Let us know when you have him. Ours won't be here til December and then we're DUNZO!