Thursday, December 2, 2010


Oh man, November went too fast, and I have entirely too much to write about. Here it goes...
#1- The Big Move
We officially moved in with the in-laws over Halloween weekend. It had been months and months of waiting, so we finally just did it. Things are going really well. My inlaws are saints for letting us invade their home and inviting a bipolar two year old as well. She had a rough first week or two, and would often cry and ask to go to Maddie's house. It broke my heart. (she now refers to this as her home).

#2- Maddie's New Sleeping Habits
She also has had to adjust to a twin bed, rather than her crib. She wakes up most every night and climbs into bed with us. It's hard to be strict on this, because I don't want her crying and waking up everyone, so we always let her in. I am a little sad about the change in bedtime routine. Before, it was: read books in chair, sing and rock in the chair, then into her crib and out I would go. Now she wants to read books in bed, and when books are done she wants her music on (not Mom's beautiful, melodic singing voice) and she's become a back stratching Nazi. We have to lay in bed with her until she falls asleep. She will not fall asleep on her own. More than once, I have fallen asleep with her and woken to her still grasping my hair. I love this kid.

#3- Thanksgiving
We had a big scare the day before Thanksgiving. My mom called me from Show Low hospital and said she was at the ER, they found some "space" in her brain on the MRI and they were emergency flying her to Banney Baywood. I majorly panicked and thought she was dying or something, so it was a pretty lousy day for me. I went to the hospital and was there when the neurologist came in. I felt much better after he left because he didn't seem too concerned. We waited all day and some of the next morning for her to get in for an MRI and MRA. (Why they flew her in such a hurry to make her wait, I don't know) Everything is fine, she's fine, I'm far happier. They got released from the hospital and arrived to the Lewis' just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

#4- Harry Potter was awesome! Thank you Casey for doing a midnight showing with your wife.

#5- Here's an adorable pic of Maddie post bathtime.


Lee Fam said...

that is a really cute pic of maddie...and yes, i think you got a little "crack" of kayhlen in that video :)

Jill Manning said...

Yeah for a big update! Life sure has been busy for you guys but you seem to be adjusting well. I'm glad that Maddie has finally accepted her new home. She is so cute and Elsie misses her dearly. She asks for Maddie all the time. She loves the pictures of them at the park that you took a few days before we left! Tell Maddie Elsie says, "Hi."

Linda said...

Your daughter is so cute! I think bangs are a great look for you :) Miss you!