Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Girls Night Out

This past weekend 7 friends and I packed into a Honda Pilot and drove 1 and a half hours to escape reality for about 20 hours. We enjoyed eating out, eating in, playing games, chatting and laughing the night away. We woke far too early for mother's trying to escape reality. I was the last riser at an awful 7:30 am. But that just meant we got to enjoy the cool morning and beautiful view for that much longer. I love great friends and enjoyed my time away from mothering duties, even for a short time. I'm sure any longer and I would have wished to be home sooner to my family.

Happy birthday Bekah! Farewell Jill! It was a great night!

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the Picketts said...

thanks jessie, for not choosing the pic of me NOT smiling:)- i'm really glad you came- it was LOTS of fun!!!