Wednesday, July 14, 2010

June- Horror

I'm a bit behind on my post; as it's mid July and I've already finished my July book as well. But for the month of June my genre was horror and I chose The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Although this book didn't keep me awake at night with fear of ghosts or killers, it was enjoyable. It's the story of a doctor who assembles a small group of people to stay at a house known to be haunted. He chooses people who have had past supernatural experiences to help his experiment. We are focused mainly on one girl and the affect the house on her. I think there could have been more to this book; maybe more detail or explanation to the happenings and the cause of the house's distress. There are two movies made from this book and I'd love to see both of them.
I've already read my July book, which was the genre romance. I'm going to start another romance to see if I can finish by the end of the month. Happy reading!

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Casey said...

We will find a copy of that old movie so you can enjoy books the way they were meant to be... on a television.