Monday, April 19, 2010

A long trip to St. Johns

My little sister Mercedes turned 5 this weekend; complete with a Princess and the Frog party. Maddie loved just about every minute of our stay in St. Johns. For days before our departure she would randomly spurt out, "Mercedes? Birthday?" Then, once we arrived, every time we would get into the car she would say, "St. Johns!" "Yes Maddie, we're in St. Johns." Her and Mercedes played themselves silly; blowing bubbles, cruising the Jeep, dressing up, time in the playhouse and just being good friends. My favorite part of the trip, though, was that Maddie opened up a lot more to my dad. She's not around him as much as her other grandparents, so she gets a little shy around him. But we stayed the night at his house one night, and she had so much fun. He let her use his brightly colored satin pillow (it's Naomi's, I'm sure) and she was attached to the thing. It's in her crib now. He also sent her home with a collection of coin poker chips, which she also loves. It was one of my favorite trips to St. Johns.

I totally forgot my camera, but I did have it handy for when Dad came home from work. He had a soccer tournament on Saturday so couldn't come with us. Maddie and Dad were both so excited to see each other. These photos of their 3 minute hug is proof. Three minutes of hugging and just chatting about the trip. Melts my heart.


Scott and Jenna said...

That Maddie is such a sweet girl. Did you make that dress she's wearing? So cute!

reyn and heidi said...

AAAWWWW how i love that Maddie. She is so precious! I love these sweet pictures of her and her daddy hugging. She is ADORABLE! How fun for her to love her aunt Mercedes so much. For them to play so much and enjoy their time together. I am glad you enjoyed your trip to St. Johns. :)

marcijudd said...

So cute. Daddys with their daughters is priceless. It was fun seeing you.