Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vegas with the Rodriguez's

The past week was spent with my family in Vegas. Lucas had a convention for homicide stuff (much needed in SJ lately), so they brought Maddie and me along to watch Mercedes. We ate a lot, like gained 5 pounds a lot. We swam, walked the strip, visited some of the casino attractions, lost $5 to slots (not my life-changing winning I was expecting) and just hung out in the hotel. It was nice to not have any house or dinner obligations to tend to while Maddie napped, so I finished my first Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility. Love that Colonel Brandon.

I missed my husband tremendously and was very happy to get home to him after too much driving. I was also very pleased with the weather when I arrived home and continue to be pleased.

Playing in the hot tub.
Four queens standing infront of the 4Queens.
Fremont Street.

Maddie's first glimpse of Vegas lights.


Casey said...

That video sure made me happy while you guys were gone. Now if only it could have replaced my frozen meals with the delicious food you guys ate.

taryn said...

Maddie talks?!!!! Holy cow! She is growing up so fast Jess! She sounded so cute! Your pics are super cute. Looks like you had fun in Vegas! Sorry you didn't have luck at the slot machines. Maybe next time. :)