Monday, April 13, 2009

Mercedes Turns 4!

My little sister Mercedes turns 4 today! We went up to St. Johns this past weekend for her Tinkerbell themed party. She had the coordinating outfit and all. The basement was decorated with balloons and streamers. Tasha came up with the design of the hanging vines. My only contribution was purple flowers on top of the vines. We ate burgers and hot dogs and lots more. It was a pretty cold day, so we built a fire outside and many stayed outdoors around the fire until late in the night. The picture below is our present to Mercedes. I made this little tote for her to take in the car. It opens like a book with slots for colored pencils and a pocket to hold coloring materials. She seemed to enjoy it and was even playing with it the next morning. Success!

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meghannamarie said...

OK Jessie you are so awesome I just can't wrap my head around those people who can just whip something out like that, that tote is so cute!